Schoch Dairy and Creamery

Dave and Casey are local farmers with 40 cows. Located near West Union Elementary School they sell fresh pasteurized –  non-homogenized milk, chocolate milk, eggs, local Swiss cheese and sometimes local produce. You can see the cows openly grazing and the pasteurizing facility that Dave has built to sell milk from his farm.

We have been very satisfied with their milk for almost two years now. Besides drinking, we make ghee (clarified butter) from the cream that we save after boiling the milk (can’t get this cream from regular supermarket milk). We also make yogurt & buttermilk. It feels and tastes just like the milk we grew up with back in India. Very authentic.

Price: $4 for half gallon bottle ($5 for chocolate milk); $2 deposit/bottle (collect when returned)

Schoch Dairy & Creamery – visit their webpage to learn more about their history & what they sell.

The sign-post at the farm on West Union road. It’s a self-serving business, open 7am-9pm. Pay in cash at the local facility (bring small bills if possible).

Half-gallon milk bottle & a crate of 6 bottles.


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