ReachNow Portland

(last updated 11 July 2017)

This is a small team expanding BMW’s carsharing service to 3rd city after Seattle & Brooklyn NY. Started in Sep 2016, Portland has a fleet of about 350 that includes Minis, Clubman, 3-series & i3 (most popular one). Portland has a history of carsharing for over 20 years now with Car2Go & ZipCar already well established. No membership needed for now but registration required.

Ideal for someone in downtown for short trips anywhere in the Portland Metro area. However, anyone outside downtown will need to find a way to access the cars.


  • includes gas, parking, and insurance – a full package; just download the app, register, find the nearest car & drive
  • anyone 18 years or above can register and drive
  • at 41c/min to drive (30c/min while parked), reasonably priced for a luxury brand; per day is about $80; all cars cost the same
  • drive to anywhere in the country as long as you return back to same city (currently no service outside US)
  • app gives all the details of the car including how much gas left; this helps you plan what car you should pick based on your needs


  • currently all cars in downtown PDX, most of them on the east side of the river; ReachNow plans to expand next to Orenco station and few more densely populated areas
  • sometimes needs up to 24 hours for your account to be activated; expect this to expedite in near future
  • you need to fill gas if you consume the whole tank (no credit back); and does charge per mile after 400 miles

Price estimate for few areas:

  • Downtown to Airport & back (~20min): $10
  • Downtown to Hillsboro & back (~30min): $15
  • Downtown to Wilsonville & back (~30min): $15
  • Downtown to Vancouver & back (~30min): $15
  • See the estimated prices for key distances in Portland Metro area here
  • See list of full pricing details here from ReachNow

ReachNow App snapshots of key actions:

Number of cars currently available cars in Seattle & Portland:

Number of cars currently available cars in Seattle & Portland

Cars by Portland Neighborhoods:

Cars by Portland Neighborhoods

Details of selected car – type, fuel status & pricing:

Details of selected car - type, fuel status & pricing

Reservation status:

Reservation status



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